HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign for the Mid-Atlantic

Helping Municipal Leaders Create Healthy, Prosperous Communities

The Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Cities & Towns Campaign provides free training and technical assistance to municipal leaders to adopt policies that make it easier for residents to eat better and move more.

The HEAL Cities & Towns Campaign is an initiative of The Institute for Public Health Innovation in partnership with the Maryland Municipal League and the Virginia Municipal League. 

For every $1 spent in wellness programs, companies would save about $3.27 in medical costs and $2.73 in absenteeism costs.
— American Heart Association, 2011
Policies that Promote Healthy Municipal WorkplacesLocal Examples - Municipal Policies from the Region Supporting Documents & Resources
1. Adopt nutrition standards aligned with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in all municipally-owned and operated venues that serve food, including at events

Understanding Healthy Procurement (ChangeLabSolutions)

USDA Nutrition Standard for Competitive Foods in Schools (ChangeLabSolutions)

2. Ensure that water is readily available in all municipally-owned and operated building

Water Access in Schools – Can be Applied to Municipalities (ChangeLabSolutions)

3. Establish a healthy vending policy

Sample Policy: Arlington, VA

Guide and Model Policy for Healthy Vending in Municipalities (ChangeLabSolutions)

4. Adopt a healthy meeting policy

Healthy Meeting Toolkit (National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity)

5. Encourage stairwell usage through an open, unlocked stairwell policy

Unlocking Office Stairwells: A Resource for Property Owners, Building Managers, and Tenants (ChangeLab Solutions)

6. Encourage physical activity breaks for meetings over 2 hours in length
7. Allow and encourage walking meetings

How to Run a Walking Meeting

8. Designate lactation space within each municipally owned and operated building for breastfeeding mothers

Business Case for Breastfeeding

Lactation Support Sample Policy: Philadelphia, PA

9. Convene a Workplace Wellness Committee

Example of a Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Policy

Toolkit for Healthy Workplaces with Sample Policy

Draft Policies

Download these easy-to-edit Word documents by clicking on the links below:

Workplace Wellness Policy (general)

Active Stairwell Policy

Healthy Meeting Policy

Healthy Vending Policy

Lactation Support Policy

Physical Activity Break Policy

Water Accessibility Policy

Special thanks to Jenna Schiffelbein, RD, LDN, SNS for assistance developing these draft policies, and to Erica Krepp from Arlington County, VA for developing the Healthy Vending Policy.

Does your city or town have a policy that supports municipal workplace wellness? Submit it to us via email: jgroenfeldt@institutephi.org